Industrial belt introduction

Industrial belts, as the name implies, are belts used in industry. According to different uses and structures, they can be divided into various categories. Compared with gear transmission and chain transmission, industrial belt transmission has the advantages of simple mechanism, low noise and low equipment cost, and is widely used in various power transmissions.In China, there is actually no shortage of self-produced industrial belts—Ningbo Ramelman Transmission Technology Co., ltd., an enterprise that has been producing and selling industrial belts for more than ten years, has continuously laid its foundation in the industry.

In my country, labor costs have been rising all the time. In order to reduce costs, many companies have purchased large, high-speed, high-efficiency, and composite CNC belt conveyors. Ningbo Ramelman Transmission Technology Co., ltd. is to transport the products here to the remote place to be used or reprocessed, saving time and labor, thereby greatly improving productivity and reducing costs. By using CNC machinery, labor costs are greatly reduced. Conveyor belts and industrial belts are generally made of PVC industrial belts, PU food industrial belts and rubber industrial belts. Its scope of application is very wide, such as electronics, electrical appliances, wood-based panel woodworking, papermaking, printing, textiles, tobacco, airports, logistics, automobiles, tires, food and other industries. Because the belt conveyor designs are different, the belt processing must be carried out according to the different equipment. We call this special belt processing. General special belt processing refers to grooving the belt, adding guide strips (acting as a guide direction), perforating, adding sponge (black and blue), adding rubber (white rubber and red rubber), adding felt (black, Gray and white) and block board, etc.

In summary, industrial belts will be processed and customized with the continuous improvement of belt conveyors to make them more suitable for the needs of modern development.

Post time: Sep-01-2021